Discover the new visual interactive communication system designed with pharmacies in mind: cloud managed, easy-to-use and eye-catching, it influences the customers' purchase decisions.

Digital Shop Windows

With today's digital communication technology we can broadcast ever-developing graphic and multimedia contents effectively and in real time, on large, super-bright screens in FULL HD. Visible in all lighting conditions, they are the perfect Digital Window, with an amazing video resolution that catches your eye both at close range and from afar.

Virtual Shelf

Living Shelf® virtual shelves are connected to the pharmacy management software and powered by web databases. Customers discover a whole range of products, where prices, promotions and datasheets are constantly automatically updated. Each user can add items to the shopping cart for a fast checkout or quick pick-up from the automated warehouse. When not in use, Living Shelf® shows images and videos promoting the most important products and services available in the pharmacy. Thanks to its cutting-edge concept and features, Living Shelf® won the Innovation & Research Award at Cosmofarma 2016.

Interactive Info Point

Small screens or tablets available in restricted areas or category corners enable in-depth searches. can browse through a catalogue of all products, even those that are not on display, and read the pharmacist's recommendations on prevention, wellness and treatments.

Screen behind the counter

Large screens behind the counter, for a cutting-edge image and greater promotional impact. OTC and recommended products become more visible and effective on digital displays. If the pharmacy has a robot, the products can be delivered at the counter with the touch of a button, letting the pharmacist take care of the customer.

Mobile app

With LS App, the customers of the pharmacy can browse Living Shelf® contents on their mobile device wherever they are, sending the shop a list of products to be picked up later.

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