Nowadays, consumers use touch technologies to communicate, search for information, have fun and purchase items everywhere.

Driven by the development of digital communication, New Line, an Italian software house which has been selling IT services to pharmacies for more than 30 years, created Living Shelf, a touch-screen virtual shelf for pharmacies.

Always looking for the correct balance between efficient communication and simple usage, New Line succeeded in creating a new user-friendly, captivating selling tool.

For the creation of Living Shelf, New Line harnessed its know-how in the field of pharmacy management software and robot systems. Moreover, New Line has collaborated with several companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector, with an expertise in category management, web databases and digital communication.


Fulcri is a leading Italian company operating in the sector of software services for Pharmacy marketing and communication. Fulcri created the stunning touch interface used by Living Shelf, which uses images and contents of the PharmaDB® database, boasting more than 78,000 images. The back office web software for schedule programming was adapted to facilitate communication between companies, pharmacies and associations.


The organization of the virtual shelf is based on the most cutting-edge database categorization developed by New Line Ricerche di Mercato, which groups products and services according to customers’ treatment and prevention needs.


By choosing the large touch screen Samsung Business monitors, our company has enhanced the high-tech performances of our virtual shelf with an affordable price and a three-year on-site warranty for the Pharmacy.

Living Shelf ® è un marchio registrato da New Line s.r.l.

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