Living Shelf is an integrated “system” made up of hardware and software components.

Each Living Shelf comprises a touch screen video monitor with integrated PC/Windows 7 and more updated. It also contains a software to access the web space where each pharmacy embeds the schedule of its virtual shelf.

The system draws on web Databases to use HD product images and catalogue the products in different marketing categories.

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Software components

Virtual Shelf | This software manages the functions of each monitor and connects it to the web space containing the management network of the pharmacy, with the aim of exchanging information and print requests.
VS Backoffice web | This Web software sets up the schedule of Living Shelf.
LS Robot | This optional software connects Living Shelf with the automated storehouse, for an immediate delivery of the products requested through the monitor.
A data mining module is also needed to extract data from the management program of the pharmacy. It is already available in all the main software houses and it enables backoffice processes, with updates on prices and other useful information for the virtual shelves.

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Web databases:

PharmaDB ® | more than 78,000 images and technical sheets of the products sold in the Pharmacy sector, which are essential to view all the products on sale in the store. Unavailable images are automatically requested by PharmaDB® to the manufacturers.
New Line Ricerche di Mercato’s database   | The most modern and original categorization system on the market. It allows you to choose the products displayed by your Living Shelf according to the needs of your customers.


Hardware components:

Available in a wide range of sizes, from the big 65” to the tablet-like 10”. Samsung DMD interactive screens have been programmed to be active 24/7, with a three year on-site warranty. All of them are equipped with multiple connectivity and advanced touch screen functions. If your Living Shelf is to be mounted in a very bright setting or under direct sunlight, Samsung provides visual monitors up to 2,500 candelas per square meter, to ensure a good performance in any circumstances.
PC equipped with Windows 7 and newer, with Wi-Fi connection to give you maximum installation freedom.
Recommended size monitor (both on the wall or in a self-standing structure)


| monitor Full HD 55”                   (LxHxP) 124.84×73.34x 5.84 cm
| monitor Full HD 43”                   (LxHxP) 98.39×58.23×6.28 cm
| monitor Full HD 32”                   (LxHxP) 74.52×43.96×6.21 cm
| tablet Full HD 10,1”                    (LxHxP) 26.18×16.73×0.87 cm
| monitor FLIP Full HD 55”        (LxHxP) 130.26×80.55×5.2 cm



| monitor Full HD 75”                 (LxHxP) 167.58×95.38×12.46 cm
| monitor Full HD 55”                 (LxHxP) 125.42×72.5×5,45 cm
| monitor Full HD 46”                 (LxHxP) 106.2×61.66×5,45 cm
| monitor Full HD 32”                 (LxHxP) 73.47 x 42.92 x 5.53 cm



| monitor FullHD 55”                 (LxHxP) 129,9 x 72,68 x 6,95 cm
| monitor Full HD 46”                (LxHxP) 110,75 x 61,91 x 6,95 cm



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